Another night in the life of a cop... 091, policiá al habla

091 Policía al habla

March 28, 2018 Matt B 0

A heady mixture of police procedural and melodrama, but it has a very human viewpoint, treating not just the cops but most of the peripheral characters also with a degree of sympathy.

El príncipe encadenado

January 18, 2017 Matt B 0

1960 | Historical Adventure | Rating: 3/10 | Director: Luis Lucia
Lucia directs it capably and gives it a sense of gravitas and atmosphere, but it lacks a real sense of rhythm, it’s far too wordy and frequently reverts to melodrama. [..]

La paz empieza nunca

La paz empieza nunca

January 17, 2017 Matt B 0

1960 | War | Rating: 3/10 | Director: León Klimovsky
… A tonally discordant film with a very jagged sense of pace, switching from extreme tedium to action sequences in a rather jarring manner [..]

Luz Marquez in Poster for Llama un tal esteban

Llama un tal esteban

December 19, 2016 Matt B 0

1960 | Cine negro | Rating: 7/10 | Director: Pedro L. Ramirez
While Llama un tal esteban might not have the stylistic virtuosity of the best of the cine negro films, it stands up well as an effective little filler [..]

Boy racer Jose Isbert in El cochecito

El cochecito

November 29, 2016 Matt B 0

Spanish title: El cochecito Country: Spain / France 1960 Genre: Comedy Director: Marco Ferreri Produced by Pedro Portabella for Films 59 Story and screenplay: Rafael […]

Juanito: An early Spaghetti Western... with songs!


October 31, 2016 Matt B 0

1960 | Historical Adventure | Rating: 3/10 | Director: Fernando Palacios
Despite its Central American location Juanito is very obviously modeled on the American westerns, complete with bombastic music and a rather moralistic viewpoint. [..]