Another night in the life of a cop... 091, policiá al habla

091 Policía al habla

March 28, 2018 Matt B 0

A heady mixture of police procedural and melodrama, but it has a very human viewpoint, treating not just the cops but most of the peripheral characters also with a degree of sympathy.

Cine negro of the 1960s

March 4, 2018 Matt B 0

One of the most interesting (and obscure) cinematic movements of the 1950s and early 1960s was the so-called cine negro. As the name suggests, these films were Spanish takes on the American (and to an extent French) film noir. [..]

Cine-Bis, Issue #6

February 26, 2018 Matt B 0

Javier G. Romero’s Cine-Bis has been going fro a good few years now and it’s always worth a read (if you can cope with Spanish). It covers a mixture of Spanish and other cinema

Carmen Maura as the batty biddy in La promesa

The Promise

February 15, 2018 Matt B 0

2004 | Horror | Rating: 6/10 | Director: Héctor Carré
The narrative is rather sprawling, including a number of strands which go nowhere, but Galician director Héctor Carré directs it with some skill. [..]


February 15, 2018 Matt B 0

2005 | Horror | Rating: 7/10 | Director: Jaume Balagueró
Although the story is a little over-familiar, it’s well written, the characters are nicely drawn, and Balagueró cloaks it all in sombre, spooky atmospherics. [..]

Art deco gone mad in Eugenio Mira's The Birthday

The Birthday

February 15, 2018 Matt B 0

2004 | Horror / Comedy | Rating: 3/10 | Director: Eugenio Mira
The are some images which stick in the mind and, from a stylistic perspective, it’s a more than competent calling card. But… it’s all a bit annoying [..]

Welcome to San Hilario...

To Die in San Hilario

February 15, 2018 Matt B 0

2005 | Comedy | Rating: 5/10 | Director: Laura Mañá
A subtle black comedy, with the humor coming from the characters rather than the dialogue or farcical situation, this is actually rather a sweet film. [..]

Something nasty in the woodshed... Just having a hike... Night of the Sunflowers

Night of the Sunflowers

February 15, 2018 Matt B 0

2006 | Thriller | Rating: 9/10 | Director: Jorge Sánchez-Cabezudo
A superbly atmospheric and very well acted ensemble piece, I really can’t recommend this highly enough. [..]

The end of the world as we know it... The Dark Hour

The Dark Hour

February 15, 2018 Matt B 0

2006 | Science Fiction | Rating: 5/10 | Director: Elio Quiroga
Here’s a decent little Spanish science fiction film that was released with a minimum of fuss back in 2006 [..]