No time for claustrophobia... At the End of the Tunnel

At the End of the Tunnel

February 15, 2018 Matt B 0

2016 | Thriller | Rating: 8/10 | Director: Rodrigo Grande
The plot doesn’t quite have the same number of clever twists and turns as the best examples of the genre (The Body, The Hidden Face), but it’s not far off [..]

Even a huge pair of sunglasses can't hide Luis Tosar's magnificent eyebrows, El Niño

El Niño

February 11, 2018 Matt B 0

2013 | Thriller | Rating: 8/10 | Director: Daniel Monzón
It has something of the glossy, epic feel of earlier European crime films (Romanzo Criminale, El Lobo) while at the same time playing up to the conventions of the likes of Mission Impossible [..]

Boy racer Jose Isbert in El cochecito

El cochecito

November 29, 2016 Matt B 0

Spanish title: El cochecito Country: Spain / France 1960 Genre: Comedy Director: Marco Ferreri Produced by Pedro Portabella for Films 59 Story and screenplay: Rafael […]

The End, aka Fin

The End

September 24, 2016 Matt B 0

2004 | Science Fiction | Rating: 8/10 | Director: Jorge Torregrossa
It is an interesting film which foregoes gore and shock effects in favour of a slow building atmosphere and sense of unease [..]