Don't like the look of your laundry.. Blind Alley

Blind Alley

February 15, 2018 Matt B 0

2011 | Horror | Rating: 6/10 | Director: Antonio Trashorras
Blind Alley is another film which is heavily influenced by European genre cinema from the 1970s [..]

Children should be seen and not heard... Painless


February 15, 2018 Matt B 0

2012 | Horror | Rating: 7/10 | Director: Juan Carlos Medina
Painless is basically made up of two parallel narratives, one set in the past and one in the present, both of which come together at the climax. As such, it’s half a great film [..]

Walking those country roads... Asmodexia


February 15, 2018 Matt B 0

2014 | Horror | Rating: 7/10 | Director: Héctor Carré
The first feature of director Marc Carreté, this is a confident, brash and exciting film [..]

A twilight western... Automata


February 15, 2018 Matt B 0

2014 | Science Fiction | Rating: 5/10 | Director: Gabe Ibáñez
There’s no questioning the ambition of Automata but unfortunately it isn’t quite able to live up to its intentions [..]

It seemed like such a good idea at the time... In Darkness We Fall

In Darkness We Fall

February 15, 2018 Matt B 0

2014 | Horror | Rating: 7/10 | Director: Alfredo Montero
Anyone fancy a found footage film with a bunch of idiot youths as the protagonists? No, I didn’t think so. But give In Darkness We Fall a chance [..]

No time for claustrophobia... At the End of the Tunnel

At the End of the Tunnel

February 15, 2018 Matt B 0

2016 | Thriller | Rating: 8/10 | Director: Rodrigo Grande
The plot doesn’t quite have the same number of clever twists and turns as the best examples of the genre (The Body, The Hidden Face), but it’s not far off [..]

Millennial cults and murder... The Cliff

The Cliff

February 15, 2018 Matt B 0

2016 | Thriller | Rating: 6/10 | Director: Helena Taberna
Despite the inconsistencies in the script and the somewhat predictable climactic revelations, it’s still an intriguing premise which holds the interest despite the lugubrious pacing [..]

Even a huge pair of sunglasses can't hide Luis Tosar's magnificent eyebrows, El Niño

El Niño

February 11, 2018 Matt B 0

2013 | Thriller | Rating: 8/10 | Director: Daniel Monzón
It has something of the glossy, epic feel of earlier European crime films (Romanzo Criminale, El Lobo) while at the same time playing up to the conventions of the likes of Mission Impossible [..]

El príncipe encadenado

January 18, 2017 Matt B 0

1960 | Historical Adventure | Rating: 3/10 | Director: Luis Lucia
Lucia directs it capably and gives it a sense of gravitas and atmosphere, but it lacks a real sense of rhythm, it’s far too wordy and frequently reverts to melodrama. [..]

La paz empieza nunca

La paz empieza nunca

January 17, 2017 Matt B 0

1960 | War | Rating: 3/10 | Director: León Klimovsky
… A tonally discordant film with a very jagged sense of pace, switching from extreme tedium to action sequences in a rather jarring manner [..]