Jaime Balaguero's Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight

September 24, 2016 Matt B 0

2011 | Horror | Rating: 9/10 | Director: Jaume Balagueró
It’s relentlessly tense and very, very manipulative; but you can’t fault the cleverness with which it’s made, the technical credentials or the quite superb performance of the beetle-browed Tosar [..]

The End, aka Fin

The End

September 24, 2016 Matt B 0

2004 | Science Fiction | Rating: 8/10 | Director: Jorge Torregrossa
It is an interesting film which foregoes gore and shock effects in favour of a slow building atmosphere and sense of unease [..]

Leonardo Sbaraglia in King of the Mountain

King of the Mountain

September 24, 2016 Matt B 0

Spanish title: El rey de la montaña Country: Spain 2008 Genre: Thriller Director: Gonzalo López-Gallego Produced by Juan Pita, Juanma Arance, Miguel Bardem, Elena Manrique […]

Anna Turpin in Para Elisa

Para Elisa

September 24, 2016 Matt B 0

2012 | Horror | Rating: 3/10 | Director: Juanra Fernández
Sometimes I fall into the belief that the Spanish are incapable of making a bad horror film, so it’s nice to be bought back to reality by a film like Para Elisa [..]

Quim Gutiérrez in The Last Days

The Last Days

September 24, 2016 Matt B 0

2013 | Science Fiction | Rating: 7/10 | Director: David Pastor, Àlex Pastor
Directed with some panache by Alex and David Pastor (who made the effective 2008 post-apocalypse film Carriers), this is a gripping and effective entry in what’s a rather crowded arena [..]

Martina García in The Hidden Face

The Hidden Face

September 24, 2016 Matt B 0

2011 | Thriller | Rating: 9/10 | Director: Andrés Baiz
Starting out with the structure of a classic ghost story, the plot twists and turns into something rather more Hitchcockian [..]

Mark Strong and Taissa Farmiga in Mindscape


September 24, 2016 Matt B 0

2013 | Horror | Rating: 4/10 | Director: Jorge Dorado
Mark Strong plays John, a memory detective, in other words someone who can enter people’s memories and notice details that have otherwise been forgotten. [..]

Elijah Wood gives the (piano) performance of his life in Grand Piano

Grand Piano

September 24, 2016 Matt B 0

2013 | Thriller | Rating: 7/10 | Director: Eugenio Mira
Elijah Wood plays a concert pianist who is making a high-profile comeback after suffering a crippling attack of stage-fright [..]